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We want to invite you to be part of our program experience!

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: Tuesday 30th, April 2019

The Joint Futures program will follow two tracks: People and Craft.

The People track covers managing design teams, expectations, communicating our profession, selling the value of design and how to amplify and scale our design orgs. The Craft track includes becoming more efficient with tools, ways of working, processes, current trends in the profession and insights on users and other companies’ methods.

We are accepting submissions for lightning talks, 10 minutes at length. Expect the audience to include some non-designers, but to primarily consist of designers from different disciplines (UX, Service, IxD, etc) and experience levels.

Selected speakers will get a ticket to the conference and their travel & accommodation costs handled up to a certain level when they are coming outside of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Selected speakers from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will get a ticket to the conference. All speakers get an invitation to our speaker reception. There are no sponsored talks.

We’d love to hear from you and the stories you wish to share with us at our conference! The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 30th April 2019, 23:59 GMT time. We will be making our decisions for selected speakers during May. Our criteria includes clarity, expertise, and subject relevance, in addition to our commitment to feature a diverse set of voices through an inclusive selection process.

Below are themes we wish to explore with you:

Design Doing (craft)
- Design Systems
- Tooling
- Pipeline
- Interaction Design
- Information architecture
- Cross-Collaboration
- Content Strategy

- ResearchOps
- DesignOps
- Scaling teams
- Design team metrics
- Processes
- Human Resources
- Program Management
- Rituals (for Values)
- Speed, Quality, Impact

- Research & Insights
- Impact & Outcomes
- Design & business
- Change
- Culture & Values
- Inclusivity
- Org Design
- Service Design
- Democratizing Design
- Leadership
- Ethics
- Impact > Society
- Impact > Environment
- Innovation
- Ancestry Thinking
- Future proofing
- Coaching & Facilitating
- Speculative design

You can recommend a speaker as well!

RECOMMENDATION DEADLINE: Tuesday 30th, April 2019

Same guidelines apply. If speaking is not your thing but you are wishing to recommend someone else, you can use the form below.