Diversity, inclusion

A few words

This is an important page and you are amazing for checking it out! If you see something that is missing, or does need more clarifying, or we could make something better, please send us an email at hello@jointfuturesconf.com. We are constantly try to improve ourselves and our services

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Speaker panel
At Joint Futures, we personally curate part of the line-up and the rest of the speakers are sourced through an open Call-For-Proposals. We are looking for a wide range of perspectives, not limited to race and gender but also to people's experiences and expertise, knowledge and even different opinions as long as they are following our guidelines.


We do have a limited amount of scholarships that we are going to give out to the community. If you consider yourself eligible for that, please reach out to us at hello@jointfuturesconf.com and we will take it from there

We will have two different colors of lanyards that you can choose and indicate your choice to the video recording staff and photographers:
- Do not take a photograph or video of me 
- Ok to take a photograph or video of me 

We will also have stickers with pronouns available. We would kindly ask everyone to wear their own.

Event Space
Joint Futures is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at the Code of Conduct page


There is a ramp at the main entrance providing access to, for example, Cable Factory shop / Info, Merikaapelihalli (stage 1), the restaurant, and Puristamo (stage 2). The event producers are responsible for accessibility with a wheelchair as well as entrance routes. It is possible to reserve special seating if required. Service animals are allowed.

All talks will have live captioning which will be available for the video recordings and live-stream as well.