The Problem With Legos

Design Systems at Scale

A talk by Una Kravets

We commonly hear design systems being compared to lego bricks for the web, but this comparison falls apart when you dive deeper and start to think about systems at scale. In this talk, Una will explore some of the challenges with making systems work across brands and platforms, and how Material Design tackles some of those challenges.


Una Kravets

Developer Advocate, Material Design at Google

Una Kravets is a Brooklyn-based international public speaker, technical writer, and a Developer Advocate for Material Design at Google. She's written for various online publications such as CSS Tricks, A List Apart, 24 Ways, Smashing Magazine, and SitePoint, and started both the DC and Austin Sass Meetup groups. Una also co-hosts the Toolsday developer podcast and creates illustrations of web development concepts called Dev Doodles on Instagram.