DesignOps for Open Source

A talk by Tammie Lister

How does DesignOps work in an Open Source project? Tammie tells a story of how this is starting to work in WordPress, a large scale open source project, as she is working full time as a contributor. Learn how design works in open space and how operations can enable and empower it. Unique challenges come from working truly in the open, and they are going to be introduced with real-life examples. Making design decisions in an open environment when everyone has an opinion is a challenging task, and understanding how to adapt processes from closed systems to fit in the open is crucial.

In this talk we explore:
- How to support and grow designers in a volunteer space
- The impact that async communication, time zones, cultural differences and fully distributed teams face
- Why should we all operate in the open and create a future that includes everyone

Open source design is the future; DesignOps gets us there, and in this talk Tammie will show how that seed is growing.


Tammie Lister

Design Producer at Automattic

Tammie works at Automattic as a Design Producer, where she is donated to the WordPress.org project full time. Her background is varied and includes psychology, design, development and user experience. She is passionate about Open Source and community.