Embracing Complexity as the New Normal

A talk by Sami Niemelä

The world is increasingly messy and complex, and it’s ok. Our craft is entering a new golden age where we instead of pixels look into things such into futures, strategy,  organisations and capability development. In order to lead, we need to embrace complexity through tools like systems and futures thinking towards a more responsible, purpose driven world.


Sami Niemelä

Founder & Creative Director, Nordkapp

Sami is a designer working at the intersection of systems, foresight and design. In his daily work, he helps teams, products and companies to become more resilient by making the right choices about their futures and business, and build teams, capabilities and organisations to support this in quest long term.

During over 20 years in the industry, he has worked on several continents, earning himself international patents, numerous awards and has built into exits to the largest companies in the world.

Currently, he is one of the founders and the creative director at Nordkapp, an advanced design firm based in Helsinki and Amsterdam. He is also an exhibited artist exploring the combination of humans, rapid manufacturing and generative networks and machine learning.