Society-centered systems thinking

A talk by Hana Nagel

We’ve all seen what happens when we move fast and break things. But how can we repair the harm that’s been caused? Working towards a joint future requires us to design for increasing scale, ecosystem complexity and interdependencies. Ensuring that the products and services that we design will have the intended positive social impact is a co-design process that requires experts in anthropology, public health, sustainable development, economics and so much more. It’s time for us to move beyond human-centered design thinking and embrace society-centered systems thinking.


Hana Nagel

Service Designer, Element AI

With experience ranging from non-profits to start-ups to enterprise, Hana's work is connected by a commitment to using a research-driven approach to solve problems for people. In her current role as a Service Designer with Element AI, she works with clients and the EAI product team to identify the right problems to solve with AI and ultimately deliver AI solutions that augment human decisions while delivering positive systemic impact. Born in California and raised in Vancouver, Hana firmly believes the West Coast is the best coast. Despite this, she is currently loving life in Montreal, which she shares with her fiancée, a large cat, a smol dog, and 62 plants #urbanjungle