Designing to transform

From cargo cults to creative systems

A talk by Emily Campbell

Design finally got our proverbial seat at the table. Yet we find ourselves defending our value while stuck in processes and frameworks built for a different time (or a different discipline). Sound familiar? It’s not just you.

To solve the complex problems of tomorrow, businesses need to transform the way they work and communicate. If we look at organizational constraints as a design problem and turn our practice inward, we can alter the foundational structures that unlock new ways of creative working.

In this talk, Emily will discuss methods to apply prototyping, human-centered design, and systems thinking to the business to build influence, harness emergent change, and elevate the impact of design.

- Stakeholder personas and job stories
- Mapping outcomes back to roles and rituals
- Understanding feedback loops
- Demystifying the employee experience
- Prototyping organizational structure
- Storytelling to influence change


Emily Campbell

Sr. Specialist, Design Transformation, InVision

Emily Campbell is a Senior Design Specialist on InVision’s Design Transformation team, where she helps design teams and leaders mature their practices and increase their impact through workshops, inclusive presentations, co-creation, and coaching. Previously, she helped fortune 100 companies reshape the way they design their organizations as enterprise design and product lead for Degreed, and grew the design team at HackerRank from its inception to supporting over a million users. She focuses on human-centered design, translating creative strategy into business impact, building a culture of leadership, and collaborating across disciplines.