Building empathetic workplaces

A lightning talk by Laura Lorenzo

As Service design evolves and becomes the norm, more will be demanded from it in terms of the value business and people get from the resulting services. A possible angle to explore is how services impact on people’s wellbeing. This, which may sound unnecessary now, will become increasingly important as the way to stand out in the market and differentiate from the crowd, not only for consumers but also as an employee strategy.


Laura Lorenzo

Customer Experience Design & Business Strategy, Outsystems

Laura is an Experience designer with a mission: help organizations to become people-centric, As such, Laura focuses on both the experience of the end user as well as the employee’s, which, too frequently, is omitted. To raise awareness on the importance of intentionally designing the employee experience, she regularly publishes articles on LinkedIn and Medium on the theme “A new way to make the workplace work”.

Currently, besides working at OutSystems to bring this people-centricity angle and co-founded the Portuguese Chapter of the Global Service Design Network, Laura is a strong advocate on using motherhood as a design vector for women’s career development at the workplace. As such, she has developed a toolkit to help companies create an ecosystem that enables career growth for all.