Content Strategy is dead. Long live the Content Strategy.

A lightning talk by Laura Hinkkanen

Content strategy. Such a misused and misunderstood term. Since it means so many things, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Yet, since the number of interactions you have with your customers is minimal, each one of them counts. It really matters what you say. And not just what you say, but how you say it and what is the context.

So let’s bring the glory back to Content Strategy and concentrate on creativity, storytelling and dialogue. The things that bring you competitive advantage instead of well thought process (you need that though, but it’s the easiest part).

I will speak about Content Strategy, how to build one and how to make it work. And how to make content (vision & tone of voice) part of your Design System. What trends affect content (e.g. Data minimalism, need for silence and simplicity) and how I see the future of content in VoiceUI’s etc.


Laura Hinkkanen

Strategist & Content Lead, Frantic

Laura is currently working as a Strategist and Content Lead at Frantic, a strategy, design, and application development company. She has a background in communications, marketing and digital service design with experience in both the corporate and agency fields, and her passion is content-related  – from conversation to storytelling.

Laura helps companies bring the human aspect into content and design and tell engaging stories using creativity and technology. She’s worked with companies like KONE, OP, Posti and Sinebrychoff. With the help of empathy and a strategic mindset, she dives deep into new organizations and businesses, and she’s good at making complex things seem effortless and easy.