DesignOps in an agency

A lightning talk by Kimmo Alaraudanjoki

What should you consider when applying DesignOps in an agency? Maintaining well-running operations and culture can be a complex challenge when designers are spread out into different projects with client-specific processes and tools, a good part of them sitting in customer locations most days of the week. A well-aligned community that shares a common purpose, communicates actively and supports each other becomes invaluable to keep people in good spirits and on their growth track.

How do you navigate through the complexity and what are the key focus areas for operations and culture development in our case? In this talk, Kimmo shares us the beginning of their ops journey with practical takeaways.


Kimmo Alaraudanjoki

Design Lead, Bitfactor

Kimmo is a multidisciplinary designer from Helsinki. With a background in management and technology, he’s worked in various organisations from consultancies to public organisations providing accessible information services. Lately his days have been spent on working with his colleagues to develop design operations and design culture in an agency environment. He believes in collaboration, openness and forming purposeful communities that are empathetic and inclusive for each individual.

A balance between work and play is also close to his heart and therefore a few times a year he’ll pack his board bags & assorted rags and takes off for a surf trip, located somewhere in the intersection of sunny weather, offshore wind and clean waves.