Building a Design System for a city

A lightning talk by Jukka Tuominen

In this talk Jukka from the City of Helsinki will share insights from the journey of the city to create a design system that is not only working for Helsinki but is build to support other cities as well.


Jukka Tuominen

Chief Experience Officer, City of Helsinki

In the early 1990’s, university projects introduced Jukka Tuominen to the world of user-interface design, which nowadays has expanded to cover user experience and service design as well. He has a master’s degree in Product Design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki and over 20 years of work experience.

Even with experience from a wide range of various industries, the source of knowledge for the UX designer is still firmly in the domain experts and end users. Design methods are used to extract information, analyse and interpret it to create concept proposals, and then you return to domain experts for validation and refine the final products and services together. Commercial as well as technical feasibility aspects are equally vital for a successful product, and therefore projects are always multi-disciplinary teamwork.

New design methods are introduced every now and then, each new project refines them further, and sometimes you need to create one yourself to ensure optimal results efficiently, explains Tuominen. Long-time personal hobbies in the field of artificial intelligence and future internet have proven ever more useful, too. The broader and messier the starting point, the more rewarding a simple result is.

Tuominen is optimistic about the opportunities that technological development brings to ease and add meaningfulness to everyday life both at work and leisure.