Business embraces design

What got us here will not take us there

A lightning talk by Jose Coronado

The impact of design is growing and the demand for design talent is increasing. We see more designers rising to leadership roles. We see management consulting and research firms showcasing the importance of design in business. However, reality shows a contrasting picture as there are thousands of design teams at different levels of influence in their organizations.

As designer leaders and practitioners, we need to work together, share the lessons we learn in our journeys and extend a hand to help each other. We need to step out of our comfort zone, and help other leaders, listen to their ideas, facilitate strategic workshops for them, even if the impact is not related to your success. A trusting relationship with your business partners will get you and the design team a stronger foundation for success.

The focus of this presentation is centered on what we can do as design practitioners and leaders to build a strong foundation of influence, strategy, and value to the customer, the organizations and our own teams. The stories I share are primarily based on my leadership journey and are supplemented by a series of interviews I conduct with emerging and established design leaders from around the world. The audience will have key takeaways for their own journey to advance their professional development and their influence in their organizations.


Jose Coronado

VP Design Operations, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Jose Coronado has over 20 years of experience as a design consultant and in-house design leader. He works with design teams to help them amplify the strategic impact of their work, and with companies to help maximize the value of their investment in design.

Currently Jose is the Vice President of Design Operation atJPMorgan. He is also the managing editor of Design Impact a digital publication where he shares leadership lessons from emerging and established design leaders around the world    

Throughout his career, Jose has worked with organizations like McKinsey, Accenture, Aquent, Bain Capital and AIG. His leadership roles include Fortune 500 companies like ADP, Oracle and AT&T..