Designing for good

A lightning talk by Alicja Salamon

We designers like to tell everyone we make the world a better place. We help people accomplish their tasks accurately, effectively, and with ease. We reduce opportunities for mistakes, eliminate stress. But is it really all that extraordinary?

I would like to argue that many digital products have an untapped design potential to reach for the very top of the Maslow hierarchy and lead us and our users to self-actualization, becoming the best people we can be. I believe this approach may let us realize that our products have been stuck a local maximum of sorts, but that there are actually new heights to be reached. Doing good feels good, let’s try together.


Alicja Salamon

Lead Product Designer, Tori.fi

Polish by birth and Finnish by nature, Alicja has spent the last couple years in Helsinki trying to figure out how to - as a designer - do something impactful and measurably good for society and environment. Reflecting not only on how to be ethical in design work but also how to utilize design to affect ethical issues.

She and her team at Tori.fi work with a purpose, enabling millions of Finns to participate in the circular economy, proudly contributing to the sustainability efforts and keeping the planet alive just for a bit longer.